What will you do with the additional income?

New challenges on the job, new financial goals: planning for this new revenue stream with an representative is key!

Here are some options

Tax-sheltered savings

New projects in mind? Browse the tax-sheltered option that would benefit you the most.


Investing is one of the most profitable alternatives available to you, as long as you make shrewd investments!

Mortgage strategy

With a well-planned mortgage strategy, you can pay off your home faster. Explore this option.

Can your insurance live up to your new financial situation?

Disability insurance that adapts to your increased income

Your financial situation might evolve positively and profitably following a promotion or pay raise. With your new situation creating new opportunities, you must consider adjusting your disability insurance. An insightful review of your current disability insurance will allow us to adjust your coverage options, consistent with your new income, when appropriate.

Life insurance that scales up to your new situation

Now that you’ve just received a raise, have you thought of revisiting your life insurance policy? This is the perfect time to change your wage coverage and your lifestyle to fit your new income. Let me tell you about all the options for your situation!

A new insurance package for a new start

As a financial advisor, I am qualified to shed light on the best plan for you. With an insurance package adjusted to your new circumstances, you’ll benefit from the most comprehensive coverage. Think of exploring new group insurance options for greater financial security!