Permanent insurance

This is the most comprehensive type of policy, providing coverage for life and premiums that never go up. You benefit from:

  • Guaranteed capital upon death
  • Cash value
  • Safety net for your loved ones

Term insurance

These insurance policies are flexible and accessible, providing affordable coverage during a specific period of your life. You benefit from:

  • The option to convert your policy to permanent insurance
  • Coverage for a specific period of your life (kids at home, mortgage, etc.)
  • Paying only for the insurance you need

Choose a combination for more options

Combining permanent and term insurance offers you greater flexibility and lets you adapt your policy to your budget. Term insurance is less expensive and covers you for a set period of time. Permanent insurance offers comprehensive coverage for the long term.

Your needs are unique and your financial responsibilities will change over the course of your life. Let an advisor find the insurance policy that works for you.

Mortgage insurance: protect your home sweet home

Protect your family’s finances with mortgage insurance adapted to your situation. Mortgage insurance covers the payments on your loan if something happens to you, so your family isn’t stuck dealing with a major debt.

Greater flexibility
Mortgage insurance policies offered by financial institutions are designed to cover the leftover balance on your mortgage in the event of your death. However, do they offer enough flexibility?

Coverage from an institution:

  • Pays back only the mortgage loan
  • No lump-sum payment for the beneficiary you choose

Mortgage insurance through your representative:

  • Lump sum payment for your beneficiary
  • Greater flexibility in terms of the amount paid by the insurer

Your representative can help you find the right mortgage insurance for you!